Show me the way

Show me the way

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I never dreamed of being a writer as a little girl.  I never kept a diary or a journal any longer than a family vacation.   I wanted to be playing outside in the woods, riding my bike, catching frogs, and twirling with the clouds above. 

I certainly never dreamed of holding a book I'd crafted.  My publisher Victoria Twead at Ant Press said the publication process is much like giving birth - the preparation, the worry, the anticipation, the inexplicable roller coaster of emotions, the joy ... and then the peace. 

A reader just wrote to me.  

“This was the exact book I needed at this exact time.  Thank you for being so brutally honest and helping show me the way."

Vicky forgot to mention the truly awesome responsibility being an author bears when words are left naked, exposed for all to see.