Freed’s prose is often gorgeous and surprising.
— Kirkus Review
I felt like I was sitting on the sofa with a close friend and a bottle of wine as Julie told me her shocking story
— Parnassus Books
The story has genuine poignancy
— Southern Literary Review
Intelligent and engaging memoir
— Book Viral
Top ten list of memoirs
— Author Ian Mathie

In one week, a house and marriage violently disintegrate. Alone raising an infant in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Julie is surrounded by the rubble of her life - stripped bare by love and loss. Suddenly a single mother, Freed's prose captures the love and adoration for her daughter, the indomitable spirit of her New England family, and her father's unwavering devotion. Touching ties survive even the most powerful surge Mother Nature delivers. This debut memoir candidly reveals intimate details of one woman's shattered dreams as well as humanity's power, resilience, and goodness. Unflinchingly honest, Naked is a remarkable true story of hope, family, and love in a southern coastal Mississippi town.

Julie Freed, PhD is an award winning author, mathematician, mother, professor, lover of the sea and the changing tides of life.  Naked was selected as Best Memoir Bronze Medal by Readers' Favorites, honored with a review from the Southern Literary Review, selected as a Staff Pick at Anne Patchett's Parnassus Books, nominated for the coveted Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters nonfiction award, and earned over 200 brilliant reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.  

The tale of two storm fronts. Katrina and her marriage. She conquers them both with courage and grace.
— Author Chris McAfee
Her writing is vivid and engaging and once I started reading it, I had a hard time putting it down
— Author Kathleen Pooler
An honest, courageous, eye-opening and brilliantly written testament to a harrowing and life-changing period of her life
— Author George Mahood
Remarkable testament of survival and resilience
— Author Susan Joyce